Skunks Etc.

Skunks Etc. is concentrated and specifically formulated to effectively remove odors caused by skunks. 


  • Concentrated and specifically formulated to effectively remove odors caused by skunks.
  • For use on pets, including horse and other large animals, carpet, upholstery and in the car.
  • Biodegradable natural based ingredients.
  • Helps to permanently remove the toughest and strongest odors, including cat urine and smell.
  • Great as a carpet or spot cleaner.


As much as we try to avoid it, our pets seem to always find that one skunk. Usually for us (the owners) we don’t realize what is going on until you get that wonder whiff of Skunk! Whether it’s just a spritz or a full on spray our pets receive we know it will be a long smelly day ahead. Skunks have a scent gland that produces a thick, yellow, oily secretion. This secretion contains sulfur compounds which give it that overwhelming odor. The spray is a skunk’s defense system to help ward off predators. Skunks are not usually aggressive and would rather retreat from an enemy but if threatened they will start hissing and stomping their front feet. Usually more often than not dogs and cats are sprayed in the face when they encounter a skunk. Not only is the odor hard for us and pets to deal with the spray can cause nausea, burning eyes and other irritations. Natural Chemistry Pet & Home has you covered when your curious pets find themselves skunked!


Skunks Etc.™ is a concentrated product that is specifically formulated with naturally based enzymes to effectively eliminate odors caused by skunks. Skunks Etc.™ has many great uses aside from just for skunks spray. It can also be used on: carpets, upholstery, in the car, on cat urine, and on horses and other large animals.