Natural Chemistry proudly offers the widest range of innovative specialty products in the Pet Care industry. Focused on healthy care for dogs and cats, as well as reptiles, birds and small animals.

Our range emphasizes Flea & Tick control and preventatives but also includes deodorizes, botanical grooming solutions, dental cleanser, habitat cleaners and stain/odor removers. You can safely protect your yard, home and pets from pests with our products.

We also have an assortment of naturally formulated products that offers consumers a completely healthy pet care products that are highly effective, affordable and safe for their entire family.

We offer the only Flea & Tick products on the market labeled safe for dogs and cats of ANY age, including newborn puppies and kittens.

All of our products can be used in conjunction with other Flea & Tick treatments without risk of interaction

All of our products are proudly made in the USA with predominantly North American ingredients.

Our line provides exceptional value and quality to consumers and their pets, as well as a healthy profit to retail partners.

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