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DeFlea for Pets


DeFlea products For Pets

Fleas are a huge nuisance to pets causing itching, scratching, and in some severe cases anemia. While fleas themselves are irritating, some cats may even be allergic to the saliva they contain, which can result in a hypersensitivity reaction, and more discomfort for your pet. Natural Chemistry Pet provides a full line of flea products to help provide relief and treatment for your furry friend! Fleas are small, wingless, parasitic insects that feed (suck blood) from dogs, cats and other mammals. Fleas have a hard exoskeleton, strong hind legs, and a laterally flattened body that is usually reddish-brown/brown in color. This insect is not just a nuisance to our pets but also causes discomfort and irritation and in some cases allergic reactions in our pets. Due to this pets will continually scratch and chew at their skin/coats which can lead to hair loss and inflamed skin. In severe causes of a flea infestation they can cause anemia in some animals. While fleas often feed several times a day, they are capable of surviving for weeks without feeding, often making it difficult to eliminate from the home. Natural Chemistry Pet provides the solution with a full line of products specifically designed for killing fleas on dogs and in the home

DeFlea® Shampoo for Cats

DeFlea® Shampoo for Cats kills fleas on contact. Can be used on all cats and kittens.

DeFlea® Shampoo

DeFlea® Pet Shampoo kills fleas on contact. Can be used on all dogs and puppies.

DeFlea® Shampoo Concentrate

DeFlea® Shampoo Concentrate kills fleas on contact. Can be used on all dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

DeFlea® Pet & Bedding Spray for Cats

DeFlea® Pet & Bedding Spray for Cats kills fleas & ticks by contact. This product is made with natural cinnamon oil.

DeFlea® Pet & Bedding Spray

DeFlea® Pet & Bedding Spray kills fleas on contact. Can be used on all dogs and puppies.